CrossFit Navigate Class Descriptions

At CrossFit Navigate we offer a variety of class types aside from your traditional CrossFit class. Each class type has a slightly different focus. Our classes include Olympic Weightlifting, Yoga, and our On-Ramp program for beginners. We also offer personal training sessions for those you would like some one-on-one attention. You can find the class descriptions below and check out our class schedule to see the class times.
We are not like most gyms, we require that you always work with a coach. High quality coaching yields faster results and helps prevents injury. Our program provides all of the benefits of personal training plus the bonus of working out with a group of friends at a fraction of the cost. Expect to be treated as a goal driven athlete. Our athlete’s goals are as varied as their backgrounds, ages, and experiences: Preparing for the next season in a sport, losing fat, getting back to the old you, getting past a plateau or just trying to stay flexible, injury free and healthy.

CrossFit: Strength and conditioning program using constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. Widely used by police, firefighters, and the military, CrossFit has become popular with anyone wanting to improve their level of fitness regardless of age, gender or current fitness level. Those who aren’t fit get fit; those who are fit get fitter.

Every day a new workout is posted, called the Workout of the Day or WOD. Everyone who comes to class that day does the same WOD — this creates a camaraderie among the participants that is unlike any other gym experience. All of the exercises, weights and reps can be scaled or modified for any ability.

Olympic Weightlifting Program: specializes in the highly technical and explosive Olympic lifts – the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. These lifts are highly specialized and require dedication, consistency and patience to become proficient. Fortunately, ANYONE can master them, and the translation of the Olympic movements into other sports is unparalleled in fitness.

Yoga: Yoga improves your range of motion and general mobility. Are your heels coming off the ground in your overhead squat? Is it impossible for you to do a handstand because your shoulders are so tight? How are your pistols? Can you get down there? Practicing basic yoga poses like downward facing dog, warrior two, and pigeon (just to name a few) help reinforce external rotation of the hip and shoulder necessary for many basic movements of CrossFit. Performing these yoga shapes consistently helps improve your overall mobility.

Fundamentals 101: Program is designed to safely introduce you to CrossFit. We know that trying a new workout routine or gym can be intimidating, so we’ve built our Fundamentals 101 classes to allow anyone to jump right in. No previous experience is necessary and classes are suitable for all fitness levels. Our goal with this program is to give you a taste of the amazing results that CrossFit can produce, so you can see why so many people around the world are hooked. We offer this class on Monday & Tuesday night at 7pm.